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Master's in Educational Administration

Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction

The Master of Science Program in Educational Administration and Research works to advance excellence, leadership, and participation in our society's schools. This program offers the master of science degree in educational administration and preparation for the Texas State certification exams for the principalship and superintendency.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Articulate and promote the role of education in a free society
  • Model and promote ethical leadership in education
  • Anticipate and develop appropriate responses to change in society and the context of education
  • Advance the potential of technology to inform and liberate all people in the global community
  • Encourage collaboration among all parties wishing to promote quality education in our society
  • Promote equity in society generally and in schools specifically
  • Nurture diversity as an effective means of fostering understanding and tolerance among all individuals

The hands-on, field-based coursework of the master's program will give you a practical view of the work of school administrators. You will get a variety of experiences in classroom settings and will work with current educational administrators to gain practical knowledge.